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How to Reclaim Your Life after Breast Cancer 

I wrote this book to help women who have completed treatment for breast cancer  but who are now struggling to find their way and live their lives with confidence. I've been a  breast cancer specialist nurse for 10 years and I've seen 1000’s of women going through treatment. The impact of cancer on your life and life around you can be significant and life changing. Perspectives can change, Emotions can be overwhelming, Confidence can be destroyed, priorities may need a reshuffle, a healthier lifestyle may be required, but you just don't know where to start, or have the motivation to get there.

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 I am committed to helping ladies who have overcome breast cancer to restore their lives with passion and purpose. Reignite your love for life and restore the strength within. Together we can overcome the Mindset, Confidence and Lifestyle barriers that are holding you back.

Whats included in this E book


Repairing the traumatised brain

Managing Fear

Responsibility of change


Body Image

Finding your Purpose

Get Moving & Exercise

Diet & Nutrition