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Restore You
1:2:1 Life Coaching programme

R Restore your Inner Strength & 

E Emotional Balance

S Set achievable goals,  & create new habits 

T Take small supported steps towards your desired

O Outcomes and goals

R Rebalance yourself & your life

E Eliminate Fear and Evolve

into your new normal and new  YOU

The RestoreYou 
Personal Program

In my role as Breast Cancer CNS it became apparent that once people have finished treatment for cancer the support on offer seriously dwindles.

Sometimes when the hospital appointments stop, it feels like you survived the storm yet are left feeling unsure, scared and don't know where to turn for support.

Women are left feeling lost, lonely and alone,. Family and friends presume you are ok now treatment has finished and no one really wants to talk about it.

Counselling  and Psychotherapy should always be available but the sessions tend to focus on the past as opposed to how to move you forward.

I have designed a Bespoke Coaching programme for ladies who have overcome breast cancer and its treatments. Extended on going support, offering guidance, encouragement and accountability to ensure you reach your intended goals.

Based around Mindset, Confidence and Lifestyle, the aim of the Restore you programme is to do exactly that.

A 12 week journey providing guidance, support and encouragement to help you identify and reach your goals, and make the changes you have been thinking about or perhaps haven't even dared.

Acceptance, Managing Fear, Feeling and Thinking more Positively. Confidence Building, Implementing Exercise, Improving your Diet, Sleeping Better are just some of the things we will cover. Introducing you to tools and techniques that you can use to support your recovery.

Over 12 weeks we will discover your needs and start to create new habits and restore your life, all with careful planning and support from Leanne via weekly zoom sessions.

Restore you Aims to Restore inner strength, confidence and emotional balance. It will allow you to create and implement new healthier lifestyle habits and reduce your risk of cancer reoccurrence and any other health problems

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